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The Xambox simplifies the paper-filing process with an integrated solution to managing hard-copy documents. By way of a double-sided scanner with a 50-page feeder, it sorts and stores documents of any size.
Optical character recognition and an optimized database for indexing allow the Xambox to identify documents and classify data. The data are then saved, locally or in a network, allowing document access to numerous users. Documents drop into a container at the bottom of the unit, which can be stored away as is, without having to additionally organize the documents.

To relocate a document, you simply type in a keyword and Xambox displays the results on your screen, enabling users to read it, print it or email it. It will also provide the location of the original hard copy. Xambox reaches capabilities not even close to any other filing system, and provides a true organizing system without repetitive steps. Few realize how much money and time companies spend on document management. Even though the Xambox may seem salty at $2,800, it pays for itself in a matter of manhour days. The best feature is Xambox’s ability to catalog documents. Once you get the hang of this, manual filing is no longer needed. ($2800, www.xamance.com .)