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Octane Fitness Q47 Elliptical

Octane Fitness has taken the great workout from an elliptical trainer and blended in the added benefits of cross training. The Q47 Elliptical ($4,095) features Octane’s signature Workout Boosters and the ingenious CROSS CiRCUIT+ strength-training program. To do this, Octane Fitness utilizes Powerbands and stationary side platforms to incorporate strength training along side your cardio conditioning.

The Q47 Elliptical also has a feature called SmartStride, which allows users to adjust stride lengths from 18-26” in precise ½” increments, automatically adjusting to replicate walking, jogging, and running so your can maintain a smooth gait no matter what routine you’re employing.

Octane Fitness gives you the options to vary your routine considerably and it does so with a minimal footprint. The Q47 Elliptical is the flagship line from Octane Fitness and represents an amazing blend of exercise science, high-end monitoring and digital feedback

Buy Now: $4,095 or www.octanefitness.com

Published on July 19, 2010