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The Oxygen Audio™ O CAR review




The First Car Radio Specially Built  for the iPhone® Now Available in the US

If you use your iPhone in the car as your music source like I do, but can’t stand the sub-par bluetooth connection or the entangled cables that pipes your music into your car stereo system, you should look at the Oxygen Audio O Car.  This thing has been all over gadget news.  Essentially, it turns your iPhone itself into your car stereo, and allows you to control all the regular car stereo functions — like volume and tuning, your  iTunes library, internet radio station apps, GPS navigation, Google maps — and anything else you use your iPhone for. By clicking the iPhone into the dock/charger (for both landscape and portrait use), it becomes a slick part of your car’s dashboard.

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Cost: $299.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

Priced at around $300, the O Car has pre-amp outputs and FM/AM preset station options, and it blasts out 4 X 55 watts of power (max).  It’s compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, basically all of Apple’s new gadgets.   The beauty of the O Car is that it keeps your iPhone in place, instead of having it bounce around your car and winding up under the seat.

Using the iPhone as the software platform, you’ll be able to use your favorite app-du-jour for traffic information and navigation or whatever new technology comes to the market–as long as it goes to your phone.  A downloadable app controls the entertainment system, offering AM/FM/RDS radio.  The single DIN head unit is equipped with hands-free calling, Bluetooth capabilities and an external speaker. While you won’t be able to access programs on your phone using voice commands, the O Car app automatically dims audio programs for voice prompts if you’re using turn-by-turn directions or receiving or making phone calls.

The dock itself is nothing short of impressive. It comes with a special protective case for your iPhone, which also helps you locate it when placing you phone into the dock. The dock comes out from the unit around 2-inchs, and allows you to swivel the iPhone in a 360 x 180 arc meaning that you can eliminate any glare and ensure that you can always see where your sat nav is taking you. Should you choose to, the dock will also go flat to the stereo allowing the iPhone to sit horizontally on the front of the unit creating the illusion that the iPhone is actually part of the stereo itself.


The O-Car”s greatest strength comes from its lack of features and controls.  The [amazon_link id="B004MQ8WF8" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]O-Car’s[/amazon_link] features and controls are predicated on what app you’ve  installed on your iPhone, so you have complete control of what type of interface suits your fancy. If you have the TomTom or similar app, then you have a fully built in Satnav.  If you have a Pandora app, then you have Internet Radio built into your car. Changing the features is as simple as visiting the Apple store and picking up the latest apps. Oxygen Audio has even released there own app to allow you to control the basic radio and equalizer functions.

Incidentally, an Oxygen Audio spokesman, Gregory Borchardt, said that should you decide to switch devices, the aftermarket manufacturer is developing adapters for Androids and other new gadgets.  Steering wheel controls aren’t integrated with the O’Car system this time around, but the next generation of the unit will, says Borchardt. There aren’t any USB ports on the unit for additional devices, but the next generation O’Car should have that functionality.

Integrating iPhones in the audio unit isn’t just a way to capitalize on a technology trend. This strategy is being deployed by Smart and BMW as a cost-effective way to bring the latest communications and telematic features into vehicles. The advantage of using mobile devices as the entertainment platform is that they stay up-to-date, and people upgrade their phone a lot more frequently than they upgrade their ride.

Check out the company video and the full press release on the Oxygen Audio™ O CAR…


The Oxygen Audio™ O CAR – The First Car Radio Specially Built

for the iPhone® Now Available in the US


New Car Stereo Totally Integrates Your iPhone for Digital Quality Music,

Hands-Free Bluetooth Calling, Internet Radio, Navigation and More


TAMPA BAY, FL – Like the idea of listening to your iPhone® in your car, but looking for something better than a Bluetooth™ adapter, FM transmitter or audio AUX cable? Look no further than the O CAR – a radio deck by Oxygen Audio that turns your iPhone itself into your car stereo. Originally introduced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show,  the O CAR allows you to control standard car stereo functions like volume and tuning, as well as browse and play your iTunes® library and internet radio station apps. Additionally, the O CAR lets you view and interface GPS navigation, maps and just about any other communication or navigation feature your iPhone has. Even better, the O CAR also offers hands-free calling and battery charging while on the go.

As of late July, the Oxygen Audio O CAR will be available at car audio specialty stores and retailers in the US. MSRP is $299.95.

Using the O CAR is as simple as using the iPhone itself. Simply click your device into the O CAR dock/charger and adjust the cradle for landscape or portrait use. At this point, your device becomes the faceplate of your car stereo and is ready for use.  A self-launching app allows you to tune-in radio stations or control your stereo volume via the iPhone screen, and you can easily access all tracks, playlists, and apps with a touch of the screen.

The O CAR features a built-in RDS-enabled AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth connectivity and a 4-channel, 55-watt amp that links to a vehicle’s factory or aftermarket speakers for outstanding sound quality and bass response.

The Oxygen Audio O CAR is imported and distributed exclusively by AAMP of America in the USA. For more information, please visit http://www.ocarusa.com.


About Oxygen Audio
Oxygen Audio is a recognized French electronics manufacturing company dedicated to providing the latest innovations in car audio technology. The brand, which has been in operation for 15 years, develops high quality products designed to complement the latest new media supports. With engineers passionate about automotive hi-fi, the company remains at the forefront of innovative technology to design efficient and ground breaking systems. For more information, please visit http://www.oxygenaudio.com.


About AAMP of America
AAMP of America is a global supplier of a broad spectrum of mobile audio/video products, mobile device accessories, installation and fabrication supplies, and OEM integration solutions. AAMP of America brings new technologies to the forefront and provides its customers with the products, services and support necessary for success in a competitive market. AAMP of America is the parent company of several popular brands, including Stinger, PAC, iSimple, Phoenix Gold, Select Products, Best Kits & Harnesses and Sound Quest. For more information, please visit www.aampofamerica.com.

AAMP of America is dedicated to promoting the safe and responsible use of personal electronics while behind the wheel.  Please abide by all local and state regulations regarding the use of personal electronics while driving.

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