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MaxiClimber- The Mother of Burst Training

MaxiClimber is rock climbing

MaxiClimber is rock climbingSure, exercise is a pain in the rear. 90% of us who actually do exercise on a regular basis still don’t like it. As a consequence, it’s always a “have to” thing, and many times throughout the year, fitness falls to the wayside, and this can make us more vulnerable to illness and medical condition. It’s true. As they say, an active body is an active life.

So what do you do about it? Certainly there’s a trend in fitness these days that has to do with short burst training. In other words, find something that doesn’t take an hour to do, but rather a very intense 20, sometimes even 10-minutes.

MaxiClimber imitates Rock Climbing

Enter MaxiClimber, a piece of equipment that literally imitates rock climbing. Why rock climbing? Because this sport can tone every inch of your body, gives you a great aerobic workout, and expends a lot of calories in minimal time. MaxiClimber is a vertical climbing machine that is capable of mimicking a climb up a very steep mountain or a very tall wall. This particular activity burns a lot of fat quickly, sometimes in as little as 10-minutes.

Physics behind MaxiClimberMaxiClimber is ergonomic

As mentioned, MaxiClimber features a vertical climb design, so you’re required to always move vertically. The motion and speed of this exercise is a tough one to say the least. As you are pushing or pulling, your arms, shoulders and back have to keep up with the strength of your legs. This is aerobic exercise at its peak, and as a result, your fitness is boosted, your coordination is improved, your strength and agility are increased, and you manage to burn large amount of calories, fast.

Using MaxiClimber

The motion you have to keep up with MaxiClimber can be difficult at first. Trust me, you won’t get used to the exercise on the first try. But there’s good news with this type of training. Much like fitness programs such as P90X, MaxiClimber is designed to shock your muscles and take you out of your fitness comfort zone.  While uncomfortable, this is the best and most efficient way to exercise, as it works muscle groups that would otherwise be ignored by traditional aerobics or fitness. This is also when you gain a lot of bang for your buck when you exercise because the MaxiClimber challenges your body like no other machine. In fact, MaxiClimber will give you a very impactful workout in a short amount of time, and a few times a week.

The Maxi Climber comes with a CD, which includes some interval training modules to help you along with a creative workout. It helps you mix your workouts up a little. Interval training also ensures that you progress and get you closer to your body and fitness goals. However, this type of training can only be effective if you know what you’re doing. The CD guides you through proper form, and proper workout practices.


MaxiClimber calls its apparatus two cardio machines in one because it includes upper and lower body workouts, unlike bikes, steppers, ellipticals and treadmills. Rather, MaxiClimber is more like crossfit, which work not only all of your large muscle groups, but most importantly, your core. The vertical climbing design of MaxiClimber taxes your muscles and your heart, and gives you a total body workout that can help you attain leaner and toned muscles. as well as a strong cardio system.  It also creates no joint stress, which is a bonus if you’re susceptible to injury, and it burns twice the calories in the same amount of time as traditional machines.  Finally, the thing is quiet! It’s gliding motion makes literally no noise.

MaxiClimber burns twice the calories


MaxiClimber stands upright and vertical, and is supported with additional cold-rolled steel stands, which allows extreme stability, as well as ergonomically designed non-stick hand grips. Additionally, the length can be adjusted depending on your height, and it comes with a personal workout timer.  The machine itself is decently heavy, which is a good thing, as it’s sturdy and made with quality materials and integrity.  Finally, MaxiClimber comes pre-assembled, and can be easily folded up and conveniently stored wherever you want. It has perhaps the smallest footprint, (about 2′ x 3′) of any fitness machine we’ve tested.

MaxiClimber is adjustable

Bottom Line

Priced at less than $230, the MaxiClimber is significantly more affordable than say a NordicTrack, a PreCor Recumbant Bike or a Bowflex, but it produces very similar, if not better results, in less time because it literally taxes the whole body, quickly. Considering all its features and how effective it is, the Maxi Climber is a steal, however, it is not an easy exercise. Be prepared to really bust it out with this machine. Beginners will need to gradually work up to its intensity.  More advanced users can get the benefits of a traditional 60-minute cardio and strength workout in about 12-15 minutes with the MaxiClimber.