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InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2 Review

InMovement DT2 is a great standing desk

InMovement Elevate is a great standing desk

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard about the changes in office furniture, namely the adjustable standing desk. I mean let’s be honest, us adult folk sit waaaaaaay too much. Having said that, no one said it was easy to be active when most of the world encourages us for the most part, to sit. We sit when we work, we sit when we eat, we sit when we’re waiting.

InMovement Elevate is easy to adjust

InMovement, arguably the leader in adjustable standing desks, has come out with their Elevate Desktop DT2 sit-to-stand desks ($400), which is sure to make a huge splash in this category due to the comparatively inexpensive price, and it’s good-looking and durable build.

InMovement Elevate DesignInMovement Elevate is simple to use

The InMovement Elevate is stunning in the looks department, and ergonomic to boot. When used sitting, the Elevate adds 5.75-inches of vertical space between your display and your desk, but when raised, it gets your setup almost 20 inches up and off your desk, a perfect viewing area when standing and staring at a monitor.

InMovement Elevate is sturdy

The Elevate’s keyboard tray sits nearly flat on your desk when the desk is lowered, so if your desk’s height is already well fitted, you won’t have to deal with a raised keyboard stand. When raised, the desk also shifts forward since you’re further from your desk when standing.

InMovement Elevate fits desktop and laptop

Available in Light Wood, Dark Wood and white, the metal frame is very sturdy and four rubber feet keep the unit from sliding around on your desk. A retractable keyboard and mouse tray is more than spacious enough for our peripherals and a matte black plastic lining provides a mouse pad.

InMovement Elevate comes pre-assembledSetting it Up

The Inmovement Elevate Desktop DT2 comes pre-assembled.  Basically rip it out of the box and you’re good to go. It’s 21-inches deep and 41-inches across, so it’s larger than you think. In fact, you can fit a full desktop setup and a laptop at the same time. Your wireless keyboard and mouse can go in the retractable keyboard tray. At 58 lbs, you’ll want a big enough desk on which to place it, and you’ll need to leave a little bit of space from the wall to avoid cinching cables.


To raise, you get the help of two handles, one on each side of the unit, which are pressed to unlock the height selector. The springed mechanism compensates for the weight of whatever’s on the desk up to its 35 pound capacity, making raising and lowering safe, smooth and easy. When you’ve found your desired height, you simply release the handles and it locks into place securely. Even at it’s highest peak, the desk feels really solid and unmovable. It’s girth, its wide stance and front-slanted legs keep it from tilting forward. Raising and lowering feel very smooth and reliable.


Bottom Line

The InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2 is a very legitimate sit-to-stand desk. It’s super affordable, it has great aesthetics and ergonomics, it raises and lowers quickly and effortlessly, and it’s very stable. It also comes pre-assembled, so even know it comes in a big, heavy box, you get the benefit of no setup required.  You can purchase the InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2 here for $399.00.