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Bragi Dash Pro Review

Bragi Dash Pro is the update to the original The Dash

Bragi, makers of the “Dash” wireless intelligent earbuds, has just launched two new versions, the “Bragi Dash Pro” and the “Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey”. These two in-ear devices are also powered by a new OS, the Bragi OS3, a hands-free gesture menu system, and real-time face-to-face translation. If you already have the original Bragi Dash, you can upgrade to the Bragi OS3 to get these new features.

Bragi Dash Pro has integrated sensor

Bragi Dash Pro Features

The Bragi Dash Pro connects to Apple, Android or Windows devices with nothing more than a one-touch setup. Bragi also improves battery life up to 5 full hours per charge, and a carrying case that carries up to five charges. The carrying case is a nice feature, giving you a lot less trips to the wall outlet.


The real magic with the Bragi Dash Pro is it’s computing power in such small buds. You wouldn’t believe just by looking at them, but these babies have quite a bit of processing power, including the built-in workout tracking feature for just about any sport including swimming, thanks to there waterproof casing, which keeps them safe up to 3 feet submerged. Your workouts will also be accessible in the Bragi app on your smartphone.

The hands-free menu system and an integration with IBM’s Watson AI makes these wonderfully easy to use. You barely need to visit the app while using the Bragi Dash Pro, and another big feature is the iTranslate real-time language translation, which works great.

Bragi Dash Pro is waterproof

More Features

You can also Stream music from your Bluetooth device or load up to 1,000 songs directly onto the onboard music player (4GB of storage). Integrated sensor technology tracks your workouts, and you’ll receive live feedback during fitness activities of your heart rate, steps, cadence, strokes, duration and more from the Bragi Dash Pro or the free Bragi app.

Passive noise cancellation begins as soon as the earphones are inserted into your ears. You can initiate Audio Transparency with a swipe of the left unit, allowing you to hear the world around you. And with the exclusive PerfectFit design, the Dash Pro stays secure and comfortable. Finally, it has a built-in mic for phone calls, and we can tell you, just call quality alone, these are some of the best wireless ear pieces on the market. Forget the rest of the cool features you also get.

Bragi Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey is the professional version

Tailored by Starkey

The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey is not a consumer product, but rather a professional product. They will be available at around 5,000 audiologists in the US. They are made with an exact impression of your ear canal, just like other high-end hearing aids and in-ear monitors for musicians, and if you’re lucky enough to own a pair, you get your own laser engraving on the earbuds themselves.

The 5-minute fitting process involves cleaning your ear canal, and then creating a mold using silicone. Once your mold is finished, they are sent off to the Starkey labs, where they’re scanned. The engineers then use 3D printing to create a template, and your Dash Pro tailored by Starkey is ready in less than a week.

Bragi Dash Pro can hold 4GB of music

Final Thoughts

Both models give you extremely high-end audio clarity and balance for a wide range of activities, from making calls, thanks to the built in mic, to listening to music, thanks to the fact that the Dash Pro has a 4GB hard drive built. You can literally store 1000 songs right on the buds. The Bragi Dash Pro runs $329, while the Dash Pro tailored by Starkey retails for $499. Both are available now.

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