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ZoiyTop JM01 Android Smartwatch- First with Removable Bands

JM01 Smartwatch has an altimeter


Two things you never heard spoken together until now have been Android smartwatch and removable bands. This is because the bands/straps held multiple communication antennas needed for the watches to work. Well the new ZoiyTop JM01 (a.k.a. H1) smartwatch, reviewed by Mr. Ticks, is a first attempt at changing that reality. Here’s a first look at this new technology.
ZoiyTop JM01 Smartwatch has a lot of fitness features

ZoiyTop JM01

We are proud to reveal the beginning of a new era for Android based wearable technology, one where we will no longer be strapped to our straps, but an era where smartwatches can become pocket watches, pendents, or even  mounted to your morning coffee cup (on, that’s going a bit too far). This unboxing and first look at the ZoiyTop JM01 (a.k.a. H1) Android smartwatch reveals the start of a strapless world for wearables that can access and download standard Android apps from the Google Play Store, as well and collect health and fitness data. If that weren’t enough, the claim is that you can actually swim with this watch as well, because it is IP68 totally waterproof.
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