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Pons Evolution High Tech Bed & Frame

Pons Evolution Bed has ultra-premium mateirial

We’ve done a few reviews on “Beds-in-a-Box”, but none of these beds compare to the complete package and technology you get from the latest PONS Evolution Bed, frame and sheets. Pons introduced their line in February, and the company has managed to marry together top engineering and technology to create a mattress and a bed frame of the future.


When we talk about technology, there’s a reason for that. Aside from the tech that goes into the hybrid ultra-premium memory foam mattress with the most advanced comfort and cooling technologies throughout, the frame is even better as the revolutionary PONS bed frame has built-in USB ports. Couple that with the fact that you don’t have to lift a tool out of the toolbox to assemble it, and you have a bed set designed for a large audience, especially frequent movers and millennials.

Pons Evolution Bed Frame has 4 built-in USB ports

PONS Evolution Mattress

Three years in the making, the PONS Mattress is theoritically a “smart” mattress, merging PONS’s proprietary hyper-cooling PONSfoam™, with an eco-friendly cooling gel and peerless cooling technology. This PONSfoam™ gets rid of the heat found in most other memory foam mattress, and keeps you cool.  It also contorts to your optimal pressure points, removing the need for a box spring. Suffice it to say, it is super comfy, and rivals those mattresses such as the new Serta foam line and of course the TEMPUR line, which can run 5 times the price.

PONS Evolution mattress is delivered in a small box

It comes in 5 sizes: Twin ($599), Twin XL ($699), Full ($799), Queen ($899), King ($999) and Cal King ($999), and is delivered in a rectangular box. All that is required to set the mattress up is to take it out of the box, unroll it, take the plastic off, let it set for about an hour, and now you have a spankin’ brand new bed that literally required no heavy moving or squeezing a traditional mattress up tight stairways or through doorways to get it into the room in which you wanted it set up.

Pons Evolution Bed Frame can be put together without tools

PONS Evolution Bed & Frame

The PONS premium bedding ensemble is luxury at it’s finest. The bed frame is crafted with the best materials designed to enhance your sleep experience. The groundbreaking PONS bed frame assembles and disassembles in minutes without a single tool, and it includes four built-in USB ports, 2 each on each side of the headboard.

PONS Evolution Frame is easy to put together

It took us about 25 minutes to assemble the frame, which is unheard of for a frame of this quality. It’s available in 3 colors: Acacia, Black and Driftwood, and all three run $1,199

PONS Evolution Bedding will be available this summer

PONS Bedding

PONS also sells a line of luxurious bedding. The ultra-soft sheets are crafted from 100% premium long-staple cotton and feature integrated cooling nanotechnology that wicks away moisture and expels body heat. Some call this type of bedding “performance sheets” because many athletes use these type of sheets to cool them at night since they’re body temperature is slightly elevated as compared to us normal people. Still, if you have trouble sleeping at night because of heat, The PONS Evolution sheets will solve that problem.

The line also includes a comforter built for any season. It fills light enough for summer and warm enough for winter. Finally, the chambered pillows are optimized for comfort and support feature, and contain an inner chamber of high-resiliency polyester for head and neck support, and a comfy outer chamber of soft, gel fiber fill.

All of the bedding will be available this summer in a variety of sizes.

PONS Evolution Bed has cooling technology

Bottom Line

The new PONS Evolution Line takes care of everything. Not only do they offer a super-premium mattress, which can be delivered and set up extremely easily, but the associated frames are gorgeous and offer those cool USB ports we all have been screaming for to plug in our devices at night. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, you know what I’m talking about.

While the PONS Evolution line isn’t the most affordable on the market, it’s certainly the most attractive, highest of quality and best performance-based bed and frame line we’ve seen… so for these prices, you’re getting the best of the best.

For more information, visit the company website here.

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