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Ultimate Nexus Camper May Look Small but…

Ultimate Nexus Camper looks small but is big

A company from Australia called Ultimate Campers just came out with their Ultimate Nexus camper, which appears very small, but when opened up, it transforms into a shockingly massive living space with some bells and whistles to boot.

Ultimate Nexus Camper has a kitchen

Ultimate Nexus Camper Features

The Ultimate Nexus measures a slight 13.7 feet in length, 6.5 feet wide, and just shy of 6 feet tall. However, it’s been designed to stuff a bunch of functionality into that small space, giving campers a cool option for their outdoor living. For example, the Ultimate Nexus pop-up tent opens to reveal a roomy, well-ventilated sleeping space that includes a king-size bed…not a full….A KING!

Ultimate Nexus Camper hauls easily

To get inside the Ultimate Nexus, you travel up the folding staircase located at the back of the trailer. Inside, you’ll see a cooking galley, which comes complete with a fold-out dinner table, a small fridge and a two-burner stove. Cold and hot water is drawn from the built-in 110-liter water tank and is fed not only to the kitchen sink but also to the trailer’s forward shower system. Heat is provided from a gas heating system, while a 160-watt solar panel, coupled with two 100Ah lithium batteries, generates electrical power. You also get a U-shaped leather lounge area.

Ultimate Nexus Camper has a kitchen

Ultimate Nexus Camper has a king size bed


The Ultimate Nexus was built for off-road adventures, and features large 20-inch tires to roll over rough terrain, as well as a 22-inches of ground clearance. It’s even equipped with heavy duty an independent trailing arm suspension, 4×4 shock absorbers, and long-travel coil springs to provide stability when driving on rough roads or no roads at all.

The Nexus starts at around $58,400, although additional options such as a laser projector, a porta-potty and an exterior canvas awnings will further drive that price up. To inquire about the Ultimate Nexus, visit the company website here.

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    Holy S*#T Batman!! $58,00 dollars!?!?!?! Are you kidding?? What idiot would pay that much for that trailer??