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Ferrari SUV Coming

Ferrari SUV is coming

Last year, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a press conference that he had no plans of spearheading an order to design an SUV with the sports car name on it. Recently though, plans of change, and in fact, Ferrari has now confirmed the company is looking into entering the highly profitable SUV market.

Ferrari SUV will take 3 years to develop

Marchionne told the New York Stock Exchange recently that Ferrari is “dead serious” about launching an SUV. A final decision on production will be made within the next 30 months. Production of what the ceO referred to as an “FUV” will be limited in order to preserve exclusivity. Since SUVs are so popular, and given the fact that Tesla has bet on the same notion with their Model X, Ferrari should have little problem selling them.

Ferrari SUV- from the CEO

Marchionne’s recent comments to an automotive magazine reiterates their plans. Marchionne said, “that space is too big and too inviting, and we have a lot of our customers who will be more than willing to drive a Ferrari-branded vehicle that has that king of utilitarian objective.” No details on what the model will look like.

Ferrari SUV is sleek

We do know this. The model is called F16X, internally. No definitive final name has been released. The SUV model will debut as part of a two-pronged approach to replacing the GTC4Lusso, which is currently the company’s only model with four seats. The GTC4Lusso is Ferrari’s new 12-cylinder car, which has a radically different design and approach. Whether it’s driven solo or with all four seats occupied, the latest addition to the Ferrari range was designed to deliver a different and entirely. The F16X plans to build on this concept in more of an SUV-type look and feel.

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