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Crazy Baby Air Nano Earbuds

Crazy Baby Air Nano are tiny

Crazy Baby, the company behind that crazy Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker, thinks it can compete with Apple, Bose and others to offer wireless earbuds that can sound even better, and all for a mere $99. They call them the Crazy Baby Air Nano earbuds, and they’re worth a serious look.


You may not have heard about Crazy Baby, but they’ve actually got some experience building true wireless earbuds. The startup launched its first true wireless earbuds, the Air, last year on Indiegogo, and it was a rousing hit, raising $2.7 million in crowdfunding, smashing its goal by a ton.

Crazy Baby Air Nano run $99

The $169 Air wireless earbuds were met with superb reviews for their great Hi-Fi sound quality and small size. The new Crazy Baby Air Nano promises the same sound for only much less at $99. Additionally, the Crazy Baby Air Nano will come in 10 different colors to really cater to everyone with any sort of color preferences.

Crazy Baby Air Nano have charging case

Supposedly, the Air Nano are no slouch. They bang out really good hi-fi sound in a tiny package. The splash-proof wireless earbuds use the original Air’s same CSR chip to deliver great sound, more bass than Apple’s Airpods, and a little more separation between the mids and highs.

Crazy Baby Air Nano come in 10 colors

They also fit tight, block out external sound, and battery life is above average, lasting around 3 hours of music listening on a single charge. The case gives you another four extra charges for an additional 12 hours of battery life, and they charge up fast. Five minutes of charging in the case gets you 1.5 hours of music listening.

Crazy Baby Air Nano are on Indiegogo

Again, the Crazy Baby Air Nano run $99, and are currently funding on Indiegogo. You can pre-order them now.

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