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Capsulier Custom Coffee Maker

Capsulier is single serve

Single-serve capsule coffee makers have literally taken over the world’s kitchens, becoming one of the most popular appliances around. Rather than brewing a whole pot of coffee, capsules or K-cups allow coffee drinkers to enjoy a cup with minimum brew time. However, for those who love experimenting with custom blends, capsules can give you few options. Enter Capsulier, a coffee machine that allows people to blend their own capsules.

With Capsulier, creating the perfect blend is a breeze, allowing you to pour in the right beans. Reusable capsules are placed inside the machine, where the grinder automatically fills each one efficiently and consistently. Each capsule is then sealed to keep the aroma and flavors as fresh as possible, and the entire process only takes a few minutes.

Capsulier custom coffee maker

Capsulier and its coffee-making process is also environmentally friendly. One issue that is often overlooked with capsule-based coffee machines is their impact on the planet. Those tiny plastic cups add up quick when multiplied by all the families across the globe. Capsulier offers a greener solution where each of its reusable capsules is made using stainless steel. When a capsule is used, users can just wash it out and create a new one.

Capsulier is eco friendly

With Capsulier, even though blending custom capsules might sound like a pain, it’s not. In order to free up hands and make the process easier, Capsulier is compatible with many voice-control apps like Amazon Alexa. There is also a mobile app for creating a schedule so fresh capsules can be ready each morning.

For those that are just now adopting coffee as a favorite morning beverage, the freedom to create custom blends can be a little confusing. Thankfully, there are subscription boxes like Angels’ Cup that help people figure out what they do and don’t enjoy. It is an easy way to try small samples of coffee while building a taste profile for when users look for beans on their own.

Capsulier is on kickstarter

Capsulier is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter with prices beginning at $179. The homemade capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines, with K-Cup compatibility coming soon.

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