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iPhone X Sales Not Great

The Apple iPhone X was quite the popular gift around the holidays, and with its high-rez OLED display, augmented reality abilities and sleek design, it flew off the shelves at a $1,000 or more. But with the holidays over, it looks like Apple is going to cut production of the X because of dwindling demand in the U.S., China and Europe.

iPhone X has OLED screen

Apple is likely cutting production levels and may be rethinking their OLED-based iPhone plans for the future. The OLED screen in the iPhone X is expensive, and comes from competitor Samsung, just two more reasons Tim Cook and company are contemplating whether the OLED will be in future phones.

iPHone X OLED screen is made by competitor Samsung

It is speculated that the only iPhone to get an OLED screen this year could be a larger iPhone X Plus-type model with a 6.5-inch screen. The rest of the upcoming lineup will get the traditional LCD screens. We should find out about Apple’s OLED future just about the time summer starts.

iPhone X sales are slowing production

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