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Echo Spot is new

Amazon Echo Spot

The Echo Spot brings Amazon Alexa in the form of a tiny touchscreen alarm clock. Its display is very useful, as its adds additional context and visual information. It's great for video calls as well. And the $130 price tag is just a tad south of the Echo Show's price tag of around $150. 
Amazon Fire Phone was a failure

Amazon Fire Phone….Failure or Not?

Even while the Fire Phone did not work, it did lead to something good. Apparently, the process and team that built the Fire phone did eventually lead to the impressive hardware ecosystem we see today.
Amazon and Hulu

Amazon Brings Voice Control to Hulu

Amazon is adding its voice-command services, launching a few partners that will use the Video Skills Kit to add Alexa support to their apps, specifically video. These partners include NBC, Showtime, Bravo, CBS, Playstation Vue and Hulu. These apps will now have the ability to take spoken playback commands and other functions.
Amazon Meals to use military technology to preserve food

Amazon Meals Use Military Tech-Style Preservation

Amazon is looking to get further into the food business by borrowing some military technology called MATS, or microwave assisted thermal sterilization. This tech allows Amazon to ship food without the need for refrigeration. These meals will also have a shelf life of up to a year.
Amazon Drones may dock on ships and trains

Amazon Drones May Operate out of Moving Trains

The Amazon Prime Air drones, those pilot-less little aircraft that deliver Amazon packages to people in remote areas, and they want to expand with mobile repair and charging stations as well as a flying warehouse in the form of a blimp. Tests have been going on for a while with these drones, and certainly, that's where the giant online retailer wants go with respect to delivering their millions of products to customers.

Amazon Echo- Voice-driven Encyclopedia

We all "Google", right? In other words, we're always going to the tech giant to search for something, anything. "How tall is Michael Jordan?....Who many eggs do you put in a shortcake recipe?" The Amazon Echo has just streamlined the process, an intuitive device designed around your voice that’s always on and can answer just about any question you can throw at it. You simply ask for information: play music, read the weather or news, ask a question. You can even set an alarm, take notes, or add to your grocery list just by telling "Alexa" to do so.

Lytro Light-Field Camera hitting U.S. next month (video)

 The Lytro Light-Field camera is expanding distribution into the U.S., specifically to Amazon, Best Buy and Target's sites on October 9th.  That same day, Canadians...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD (video)

 It was speculated that Amazon's new tablets would move to Android 4.0, and that's just what's happened.  An Amazon spokesperson has confirmed that at least...

New Kindle Fire Tablets Announcing September 6th

 Amazon recently sent invites to the media for a press conference on September 6th in Santa Monica, California.  While the topic of discussion was not...

Matchstick Speaker Dock for Kindle Fire

 Grace Digital has announced the new Matchstick Speaker Dock, a full range speaker and charging dock specifically designed for the 7-inch Kindle Fire. The device...