bodybugg® is a calorie management system that uses an armband sensor and a new wireless digital display, in the form of a wristwatch, to measure and display calories you consume and burn so you can always stay in control of your weight. With the help of a personal phone coach and web-based software, bodybugg®’s ability to track calories taken in and burned off throughout a day makes losing weight very do-able.
bodybugg®’s armband calorie monitoring device is 90% accurate. That’s huge! I’ve owned pedometer’s that could barely give me the right time, much less count accurate steps that equate into burned calories. Co-Energy burn, (meaning when I’m active, semi-active and idle) uses the law of Thermo Dynamics. You lose and gain weight daily, and it really comes down to calories/energy in and calories/energy out. When I know when I’m active, what activity I’m doing, and how much food I should eat to reach my fitness goal, all of a sudden I have the freedom to burn the calories when I want to, day or night. If that means walking the dog so I can enjoy some cheesecake that evening, so be it. I’m still reaching my fitness goal.

The bodybugg® armband uses 4 sensors, (an accelerometer, a heat flux sensor, a skin thermometer and a sweat rate sensor), which measure over 1000 body algorithms 32-times a second. These 4 sensors talk to each other and decide what motion you are doing. This info is uploaded to the bodybugg® web program to measure calories burned, and measures it against foods you’ve eaten, (data which you select in bodybugg®’s food database.)


Body Media, a technology company, developed the revolutionary sensor, and partnered with Apex Fitness, a nutrition company, to develop the bodybugg® system. 24-Hour Fitness purchased Apex and have flourished the bodybugg® brand name with the help of some endorsements from TV shows like “The Biggest Loser”.

Kim Slover, bodybugg® Services Manager, says, “The bodybugg® was designed to offer freedom and flexibility to lose weight on your terms, and it promotes fitness, wellness and nutrition on a daily basis”. The reason bodybugg® works is that it works for everyone, because you have the ability to make choices all day long with how much you move and eat, without sacrificing what you love, to reach your fitness goals. Its not so much metabolism change, its lifestyle and wear-down of the body that causes weight gain. With bodybugg®, you’re always conscious of what you’re putting in your body, and taking out of your body.”


My revelation came when I was convinced that getting older and my metabolism slowing down was the reason for my weight gain. That is a small piece of it, and I do mean small. The real reason is that I am not as active, and my body is not as mobile. But with bodybugg®, I’m forced to take a progressive look every hour of how active I can be with everyday motion, and reach not just an overall weight goal, but an hourly healthy condition based on bodybugg®’s assessment of how many calories I’m buring throughout the day. I strongly recommend this product.
bodybugg®’s third generation device is 50% lighter, 40% smaller and 20% thinner. It also has a stronger signal so it can communicate with the new wristwatch/clip-on digital display. The digital display measures activity, steps and calories burned. It also contains a new rechargeable battery. The bodybugg® system purchase comes with a 6-month subscription to the website, a 45-minute personal coaching session and access to Apex’s customer service. A mobile version of the website might be in the works, so you can track your food intake on the go, but no confirmation of this as of this writing. (, $249 with armband and digital display)