Eclipse AVN726E

avn726e_1Eclipse pulls out the stops with their flagship AVN726E.  With detailed maps, superior image quality and built-in Bluetooth, its range of entertainment and navigation options is stellar.  The huge 7″ monitor displays everything in gorgeous color, such as SIRIUS real-time traffic data and almost any digitally formatted video.

Play movies up front while you’re parked, or connect a screen in the back so your passengers can watch while you’re on the road.  Play your iPod® by connecting it to the AVN726E’s rear USB slot — no adapter necessary. The receiver bypasses your iPod’s built-in digital-to-analog converter, using its own DAC to deliver much better sound quality. You can also load up a disc, SD card or a thumb drive with MP3 and WMA files to take care of the tunes on your next trip.

Add Eclipse’s optional satellite radio or HD Radio® tuner for the best radio entertainment around. You can also connect an Eclipse rear-view camera to get a clear view when you back up.   Simply put, Eclipse’s new 726 wins a best -on-the-market for this product category, offering an unprecidented amount of robust features and superior sound and video. ($1,299,