Is a PC Phone for Real? Could be with the XP Phone

xp phoneAccording to Gizmodo and the images the website is postiing, this 4.8-inch touchscreen slider phone with an AMD Super Mobile CPU will run a full-blown copy of Windows XP. Apparently, it’s currently called the xpPhone, with call-centric icons, plus shortcuts to regular Windows apps that can be sorted into icon-based tabs .
The xpPhone’s maker, ITG, says it will support direct access to the Outlook address book, and run on the 3G frequency. Specs include Windows XP, a Super Mobile CPU, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, WiMax (optional), Bluetooth, Stand-alone GPS, 1.3MP Camera, a USB port, 512M/1G of RAM, an SSD slot, 30G/60G/80G/120G HD. and an 8′ TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
Whether this is released in the U.S is anyone’s guess. Suffice it to say, though, that portable frieks could be begging for a U.S. carrier to pick this up. Pricing is unknown.