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Sitka’s Coldfront Jacket with GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Technology

Sitka ColdFront Optifade JacketThe Sitka Coldfront Jacket is constructed with 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® Softshell fabric with micro-fleece lining. The Coldfront is for those miserable coldest of cold and wettest of wet hunting conditions imaginable. No detail is left behind in the Coldfront series: articulated elbows for full range of motion, a bomber hood, and watertight chest and hand pockets that are guaranteed to keep the water out in the worst of conditions.

But that’s not the best part.  The true uniqueness behind this jacket is its revolutionary camoflauge called GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment.  OPTIFADE™ is the first-ever visual concealment pattern based on the science of animal vision. Developed by a team of experts, including an animal vision scientist and a military officer who specializes in digital concealment, the new technology considers the way a deer perceives color and the ratio of positive to negative space in an effort to make the hunter blend with his environment. The pattern also breaks up the symmetry of the human body to prevent the prey from recognizing the hunter as a predator. Pretty cool, huh.

“Each year since we started the company back in 2005, we’ve worked really hard to improve on what we already had. We’re always striving to make the gear lighter, stronger, more durable.” said co-founder Jonathan Hart. “This year our partnership with W. L. Gore & Associates was a perfect fit for Sitka. Gore hands-down makes the best fabrics on the market. And when we first discussed launching the new OPTIFADE pattern with them we knew we were on to something big that would change the game for hunters. Design, construction and innovation in gear is what allows hunters to be more comfortable and successful in the field. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.” ($549)

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