Sound Asleep’s iPod Memory Foam Pillow

Sound Asleep iPod Memory Foam PillowSound Asleep has announced a memory foam version of its musical pillow for more comfort and fun. Yes, sleeping with the earphones clipped gets painful to the ears, but the idea of a foam pillow with built-in speakers is good to satiate those music frenzies amid us. The Sound Asleep memory foam pillow allows the user to attach an iPod or a MP3 player into it so that he can enjoy his favorite music right below the ears, all painless and comfortably. Selling for a price of about $50, the memory foam pillow is also accompanied by the company’s inflatable chair, which lets the user stick iPods, MP3 players and a TV to it.

The Sound Asleep memory foam pillow will let you pop any MP3 player into a cable coming out of the side, so you can go to sleep with whatever sounds you like on in the background. It’s got speakers on the inside, but still keeps the shape of your dome so you’ll sleep soundly.