CH Hanson “Level” Of Innovation

CH Hanson LevelThe manufacturer of the Precision Ball Level has ditched traditional thinking with an innovative design to an old favorite tool- the Level. The CH Hanson Ball Level is a three-in-one tool featuring a precision aviation ball compass that expands the tool beyond its traditional job.

It allows users to find plumb, angles, and pitches, and level in two directions at the same time. The designer has replaced the common vial and bubble with a black and white ball, creating something like you’d see in the cockpit of a plane. It looks like the ball is weighted and free floating in a liquid, so the horizontal line is always at level and the vertical line always at plumb.

What this change does is add a whole new dimension to the tool. Now, instead of simply seeing if your cabinet is out of level, you can see to what degree or what pitch. This means that the level can now be used during roof construction and other situations where you might need framing at odd angles. Also, the black and white ball takes some of the guess work out of reading the level.

CH Hanson brings innovation to the handtool industry. The Ball Level is sold for about $50. (800-827-3398.