Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson Air MultiplierDyson has officially gone into the fan business  The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan, with it’s signature in high design and state-of-the-art technology, intends to reinvent the table top fan.  The Air Multiplier is a blade-less design that pumps up to 119 gallons of air per second in a smooth, steady flow.

The Dyson Air Multiplier works by drawing air into its base by a motor, and forcing it up through a slit that runs the edge of the circular frame, into a “loop amplifier” where it is accelerated by a jet.  This creates a current that graps and propels the surrounding air florward.

When the air exits the loop amplifier, it actually pulls air from its rear side, forcing it forward– and amplifying it 15 times.  The result is fanning technology without the uneven airflow of chopping blades.  That constant flow of air means steady cooling without those papers on your desk intermittently taking flight.

This is a cool and sophisticated looking device, almost a work of art. You might mistake it for a modern-day sculpture. And since the Dyson Air Multiplier fan comes with no blades, it’s definitely one that families with kids should own. It is also virtually silent, at least the traditional “chopping” sound is eliminated.

The Dyson Air Multiplier sells for $300 for the 10-inch model, and a 12-inch model runs $329.99. (www.dyson.com)