Delta Touch Faucet

Delta Touch FaucetDelta helps you bring your plumbing into the 21st century with the touch-sensitive Pilar collection, the Delta Touch Faucet. It works using capacitance, the same technology that makes touchscreens work.

The Delta Touch Faucet can be turned on by simply tapping it on any part of the body, perfect for someone that doesn’t want to get their dirty hands all over the faucet. A low-voltage electrical current flows across the spout and handle, and as soon as that circuit is interrupted by your skin, the water begins to flow. The faucet does have an automatic shutoff feature just in case it’s lightly tapped by something that shouldn’t tap it.

The faucet works using something called capacitance. This is the same technology that is used to make touch screens work. The Delta Touch Faucet is a step up from the infrared controlled faucets in many public restrooms that often don’t even recognize when a person’s hands need washing.

I actually have one installed in a guest bath.  Superior finish coupled with this capacitance Delta Touch Faucet 2technology, and your visitors will talk for hours about this thing. Its performance is really stellar. It’s as sensitive as it should be, and doesn’t just turn on when the wind blows. You do need to adjust the temperature with your hands, but assuming you don’t do that very often….well, then you might never need to touch a dirty faucet again.

Can’t say much for its affordability.  It’s not cheap.  However, part of that price is due to its material, design, and the fact that it’s considered part of Delta’s luxury line. Add the fact that this technology is brand new to the industry, and you get a price tag that reflects these factors. ($434,