Purdue University Students Inspire Latest in Wire-Free Power

Thanks to a group of Purdue University students, business travelers, college students and other on-the-go wireless users will soon have a way to charge their laptops, cell phones, Kindles and iPods without the hassle of carrying around individual chargers.WiProwess Power Station

Introduced this week at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the Power Station© is a 10” x 2” lightweight strip made of ABS plastic that fits easily into a briefcase or backpack. Plug its hidden cord into any standard electrical outlet and it’s ready to charge a laptop, cell phone, iPod or any other wireless device all at once, saving time and energy.

Power Station developer – WiProwess – will introduce the concept prototype at CES to a variety of power manufacturers who are eager to feed consumer demand for convenient, portable wire-free power products. The Power Station was conceived from a study conducted earlier this fall among students at Purdue University where students lamented about the lack of power outlets in dorm rooms, campus libraries and other common areas. While they lauded the convenience of the wire-free charging pads and receiving constellations they were testing, most students agreed the set did not have enough portability or the capability to charge a laptop in addition to their other wireless devices.

By incorporating WildCharge’s wire-free power, three AC-outlets and three USB ports into a narrow, lightweight charging strip, WiProwess was able to provide convenience, portability and energy savings into one, simple charging unit.

“WiProwess is constantly pursuing new integrations for the fast-growing wire-free power market,” explains WiProwess Principal and CEO, Craig Kinley. “The Power Station stemmed from such a simple concept yet has the power to revolutionize the market because it’s the first practical, portable device for laptop users.”[adsense]

At first glance, the Power Station looks much like a power strip. Made with lightweight ABS plastic, the 10”L x 2”H x 2.3”W Power Station has a retractable flat bottom surface that neatly keeps the power cord hidden when not in use. Gently pull the bottom from its base, unwind the power cord and it’s ready to plug in. In its retracted state, the base is sturdy enough to hold the Power Station upright, accommodating oversized power cords. The prototype design model is white with orange piping, although other colors and features can be custom designed.

The Power Station uses WildCharge Technology in the charging strip and receiving constellations. WiProwess is a premier design and integration partner with PureEnergy Solutions, the leaders in wire-free power technology and developers of the WildCharge Technology.

“PureEnergy is excited to partner with companies like WiProwess that use our WildCharge technology in new and innovative ways,” said Mike Reynolds, vice president of marketing and sales operations for PureEnergy Solutions. “They are an important licensing partner for us and we support the launch of their product at the 2010 International CES.”

The Power Station contains one AC-power cord that plugs into any standard wall outlet. Through this single power source, users are able to plug three different electronic items (such as three laptops) into the Power Station via the AC-outlets and also place three smaller mobile devices (such as a cell phone, MP3 player and wireless reader) into the three USB ports or on the charging strip with a WildCharge receiving constellation.  This allows for continuous charging of all items while using the energy of just one. It is particularly convenient when used in group settings, such as business meetings or student study groups. (www.WiProwess.com, For information on the Power Station and other wire-free power design developments, contact WiProwess Principal/CEO Craig Kinley at (616) 308-9741 or [email protected].)