Exclusive Garia Luxury Golf Car

garia-golf-car Golf is often associated with old men who have nothing better to do than fill their time, hitting a small ball across miles of land. But, the game is played by everyone, and a new company have catered for the hardcore golfer, willing to invest heavily into their pasttime. Golf can be relatively expensive at the best of times, with the correct clubs, correct bag, correct balls and a course membership.

Well add on top of all that another $17,499 and you will also be able to afford this new exclusive and revolutionary golf car. Made by Garia, who have a reputation as having a very meticulous attention to design and luxury, the car features an inbuilt refigerator, hand stitched seats and a customisation service in which you can select the exact colour you desire.

The car also exhibits a double wishbone front suspension, typically found in sports cars, as well as hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. This isn’t just a golf cart, this is a total machine.

Designed by Danish designer Anders Lynge, the Garia Golf Car pushes the boundaries for golf cars, and offer a fantastic vehicle for the most keen golfers.

Via: Inventionreaction