Eclipse Touch Mouse

Eclipse Touch Mouse

The Eclipse touchmouse drops the scroll wheel in favor of an integrated track pad. While the default for the touchscroll offers four-way screen scrolling by a user moving their index finger, a host of instantly accessible commands like flicking backward and forwards through webpages can be accessed through the mouse button and finger gesture combination.

Eclipse Touch Mouse 2

Cased in an ergonomically designed “brushed aluminum” finish, the unit offers Bluetooth connectivity, 1600dpi laser technology, and runs on a single AA battery.  There’s also a battery indicator with a power off switch as well.

Eclipse Touch Mouse 3

The unique touchscroll module grants you the ease of use associated with a traditional horizontally scrolling tilt wheel and combines it with the precision of a notebook track pad. The touchscroll module’s default mode offers four-way on-screen scrolling, activated by simply moving your finger

Eclipse Touch Mouse 4

quicktouch™ technology provides you with a host of instantly accessible commands which are accessed through a combination of mouse button and movements.

Eclipse Touch Mouse 5

For example, you are able to move back and forward through web pages or even able to open a web browser window simply by pressing and holding the touchscroll module and moving the mouse in one of four directions

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The Eclipse touchmouse is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and is expected to be released later this year for US$59.99. (

Eclipse Touch Mouse 6

Publised on: Feb 22 2010