Fiskar’s Momentum Reel Push Mower Stores Energy for More Cutting Power


The Momentum Reel Mower has an InertiaDrive Technology (patent pending), which stores energy like a flywheel to unleash a burst of extra cutting power when required.

The InertiaDrive combines a large diameter cutting reel and heavy cutting reel blades to store energy expended while mowing less troublesome areas. When a tough spot is encountered the InertiaDrive delivers twice the energy to power through small twigs, weeds, or dense grass that would jam other reel mowers. The mower’s large diameter cutting reel and heavy cutting blades allow it to power through obstructions that would cause the small diameter cutting reels and thin blades of standard reel mowers to a standstill.

Momentum Reel Push Mower Stores Energy for More Cutting Power

Made by Finnish company Fiskars, the Momentum Reel Mower also features the company’s StaySharp Cutting System and VersaCut Design that it says makes the mower 30 percent easier to push in long grass.

Standard reel mowers rely on contact between the cutting reel and stationary blade for cutting. The steel on steel contact that is produced creates friction & causes blade wear. As a result, the blades on standard reel mowers dull quickly and require annual sharpening to prevent cutting performance degradation.

The StaySharp Cutting System uses precision ground hardened steel blades engineered to cut grass without actually touching. To do this, the cutting reel and stationary blade are separated by about 0.003 inches – less than the thickness of a blade of grass. This means friction and blade wear are greatly reduced.

Momentum Reel Push Mower Stores Energy for More Cutting Power 2

Traditional reel mowers place the cutting reel between the two large drive wheels. This design creates a 3-inch wide no-cut zone under each wheel, making close edging impossible. It also requires undesirable blade positioning, limiting both the maximum cut height and range of cut height adjustment possible.


Fiskars’ VersaCut extends the cutting blades across the entire width of the mower and uses a long wheelbase to optimize blade positioning. This eliminates uncut strips from under the wheels and allows three times closer edging than other reel mowers. The mower’s long wheelbase allows it to deliver a greater cut range with height settings from 1 to 4-inches.

Momentum Reel Push Mower Stores Energy for More Cutting Power 3

The Momentum Reel Mower also features an ergonomic height adjustable handle with a padded grip, a one-touch cut height adjustment system and a forward throw grass discharge chute for mess-free operation.

Momentum Reel Push Mower Stores Energy for More Cutting Power 4

The Momentum Reel Mower from Fiskars sells for $249.99 through the company’s website, but shipping is limited to the US at this time.


Published on March 20, 2010

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