Powerplus Seal – Solar Powered Weather Station

The Seal by Powerplus is a solar powered weather station that tracks the changes in the many factors that contribute to weather to give you an prediction of the weather to come, for a 12-24 hour time slot for your local area.
The Seal contains many different sensors which monitor different factors such as temperature, humidity, barometric air pressure, and trend of atmospheric pressure.  It then uses this data to provide you with a forecast of the weather to come for a 12-24 hour slot for a radius of up to 30 miles. The LCD screen of the device displays the forecast in an easily understood picture representation. The screen also displays the date, time, and the current moon phase.

The Powerplus Seal gadget is powered through a solar panel located at the back of the device, this converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the devices Ni-Mh battery for use. This allows the Seal to work even during the night and this battery can be replaced (preferably with a rechargeable battery) for times when there is a sustained lack of sunlight.

Via:  Enviro Gadget