Optoma GameTime Projectors Available Now

Optoma is one of those projector manufacturers that keeps popping up in our stream, and we’re kind of glad about that. Sure, they’ve stuck to their pico-projectors like they were the last projectors in the world more often than not, but there’s nothing small about these GameTime Projectors. And, what’s best of all, is that they’re actually under $1,000! Score one for the rest of us, right?


The Optoma GameTime projectors are aimed specifically at computer and console gamers, with the introduction of three new models to satiate any particular style of gaming you partake. GT720 and GT360 are equipped with short-throw lenses, have a 2,500-lumen brightness rating, and have a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. Both of these models also include a 10W built-in speaker, just in case you’re not taking full advantage of that surround sound system. The GT360 is designed for the Wii, surprisingly enough, as the projector has a native resolution of 800×600, and it’s meant for a standard definition unit, even if it can receive an HD input, and is compatible with Macs and PCs.


The GT700 utilizes DLP display technology from Texas Instruments, and has a resolution of 1280×800; but its lumen rating is 2,300, and it has a contrast ratio of 2,500:1. With these lower specifications, it’s no surprise that the 700 has a lower price tag as well. As for the GT720, the resolution comes in at 1280×800 for 720p resolution, so it’s perfect for your Xbox 360 and PS3. Each of the new Optoma GameTime projectors weighs in at 6 and a half pounds. The GT360 costs $599, while the GT700 rings in at $749, and finally the GT720 will run you $799. Anyone out there going to order one for yourself?

Via : Slash Gear