AT&T iPhone 3G “out of stock” ahead of iPhone HD debut

It seems the days are finally numbered for the iPhone 3G, at least in the US, with an internal AT&T memo leaking out to BGR that confirms the smartphone is officially out of stock.  New customers, the memo explains, should be directed to the iPhone 3GS, as AT&T “do no know when more iPhone 3G 8GB will arrive.”


Of course, the answer to that question is probably “never”, since Apple are expected to announce the new, fourth-generation iPhone HD on Monday, June 7th.
If you’re desperate for an iPhone 3G, AT&T’s advice to its salespeople is to ring around for any remaining stock that might be lying around.  Still, we’d recommend waiting
until after Monday; you might not want to plump for the new iPhone HD, but it seems likely that Apple will keep on an iPhone 3GS 16GB as their $99 entry-level model.

Via : Slash Gear