Canon Wonder Camera Concept

Canon’s “Wonder Camera Concept” is entirely new and the company’s vision of the future of image capturing: still image and video imaging are combined – with such massive resolution, you can simply pick out the exact still image you want at any time, because Canon claims to have a proprietary technology that enables everything in every frame to be in focus at all times.

The vision of the Wonder Camera means you can zoom in now, or later to see what you’ve captured, and every time you depress the button, you’re capturing a seemingly infinite amount of information.

Very little information and no specifications were available – it’s a concept camera – but in essence, the “Wonder Camera” being demonstrated offers both still image and video imaging combined in a unibody form factor around the size of a digital SLR. It shoots at massive resolution, well beyond anything we currently know, with a single zoom lens which caters for all circumstances, from macro to megazoom.

Everything is in focus at all times and you can zoom in several orders of magnitude beyond anything we currently know. The massive resolution of the camera was demonstrated on several occasions at this year’s World Expo.

From one image taken by the camera, the presenters on stage plucked dozens of portraits of people in the audience, using the camera’s image recognition capabilities to capture just those people who had smiled.

The Canon Wonder camera was also networked and capable of high wireless speeds. intelligent post-production and high-speed networking capabilities tending towards the capabilities of a television broadcast station.

Published on July 9, 2010