SensoGlove Grip-Pressure-Sensing Golf Glove

SensoGove measures the swing tempo and increase in grip pressure associated with a good or bad swing.  When you squeeze your golf club too tightly, you can alter your swing, erode your power, and make consistency nearly impossible.

Squeezing with your hands engages the muscles in your forearms and brings added tension to your shoulders, all of which are pivotal body parts for a fluid swing.  Watch a pro hitting balls and you’ll see that their arms are very loose.  Tension free is what is taught in almost any golf lesson.

A few minutes a day with the SenoGlove and you’ll easily learn what proper grip pressure feels like. You may start out with a soft grip only to have it tighten up somewhere mid-swing.  The SensoGlove gives you instant feedback at the very moment you squeeze too hard.  With its built in digital computer, the SenoGlove allows you to calibrate the pressure sensors to your base grip, and the glove will then alert you when you have exceeded that during your swing.  It can actually pinpoint the source of the problem down to the finger where your grip pressure went off the rails.

The digital computer is removable, so when the glove wears out simply buy a replacement glove and reattach the computer. Senso Gloves runs around $90, with the replacement gloves running in the neighborhood of $20-$25.

Published on July 16, 2010