Minox PX3D Shoots True 3D

Minox’s PX3D is only a concept at this point, but Minox’s collaboration with 3D-Competence brings to the market the first believable and competent 3D compact camera that outputs a final image that doesn’t require glasses for viewing. It uses four vertical lenses lined one on top of the other towards some mathematically complex geometric purpose. Four lenses mean four sensors, and apparently they’re all 5 megapixel chips. With all lenses set at a fixed 9mm focal lens, there’s no zoom capability.

The camera saves the final image as an Avi file, suggesting some millisecond magic that creates the 3D effect. With 4 different perspectives, there’s 4 possible final 3D images, and you get to choose between them. The different lens/chip modules will have different exposures, focal points, and even shutter speeds, probably creating an HDR effect on top of the 3D effect. The camera will be available next year, and will cost around $680.