Solowheel is like the Segway but small and less expensive (video)

The Solowheel is a single wheeled device that travels up to 12 mph for 12 miles.  At a glance, it is effectively a unicycle who’s seat has been replaced by two foldable foot platforms .  There’s a 1000-watt electric motor that drives this thing, a set of gyroscopes to help you stayed balanced and a battery that works for up to two hours and takes just 45 minutes to fully charge.  There is a built-in handle for carrying the 20lb transportation device and they say it can recapture energy when slowing or traveling down hills.

Leaning forward increases acceleration, leaning back decreases it, and the device’s gyro will help you stay balanced through the turns. There is no official word on a price (it’s rumored at $1,500).