Motorola Xoom hits shelves in 2 days

While Motorola is still keeping the price of their latest tablet, the Motorola Xoom, a secret, we do know that the Xoom tablet will hit the carrier on February 24th.  

But that’s not all.  A small asterisk, just below the email address registration, states that Flash support won’t arrive until Spring of 2011.  What is up with Flash and adobe?  Are they that hard to work with?  It seems that every time a new product comes out, whether it be a tablet or a new kick-ass phone, Flash is always the point of contention. The Xoom is trying to go head on with LG, HTC and few other tablet devices that will no doubt support it.  Then again this might be an Android 3.0 issue, which if so, all will have this hang-up into the Google iron-out is finished.