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Earloomz pop art and popular culture printed earpieces are designed for the individual who really wants to be individual

So you’re looking for a bluetooth headset.  Most of them are about the same as far as sound quality, and I might add their getting better as each year passes. As Bluetooth becomes more refined, so does their sound, pairing and connectivity. But the fact remains is that there’s not much deviation from style, looks or color.

Earloomz, a company that specializes in Bluetooth earpieces, wants to make the bluetooth headset as individual as a person’s cell phone.  The company has begun selling their lates [amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]GL500[/amazon_link] with a pop art and popular cultural reference, adorning the side that faces everybody as a testament to your style.

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Cost: $60-$70
Where to Buy: earloomz.com, [amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]Amazon[/amazon_link], Sears.com, Bonton.com, and Sanrio.com

If you like Lady Gaga, “they’ve got an earpiece for that”.  If you like Star Wars, “they’ve got an earpiece for that”.

[amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]Earloomz Bluetooth[/amazon_link] headsets feature more than 400 different designs of licensed art, pop culture icons, entertainment properties, cartoon characters, sports teams, and original commissioned artwork. There’s a style to fit everyone’s personality whether they are infatuated with a popular recording artist like Lady Gaga, pop-culture icons like Paul Frank, sci-fi, celebrated movies, a NBA sports team, classic cartoon characters, skulls, well-known television and film brands, or even cheetah prints. Earloomz let’s Bluetooth users express their individualism and share their passions while staying hands-free when in the car or on-the-go.

Earloomz patented earpiece is the perfect “blank canvas” for any design imaginable. Each image is digitally set on an Earloomz model to ensure precise measurements and image quality before production. The image is then mechanically painted on the earpiece, and finished with a moisture resistant coating. This process guarantees the quality and durability of each Earloomz device.

And just because these Bluetooth earpieces have hundreds of styles to choose from, that doesn’t mean that quality has to suffer. The [amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]GL500[/amazon_link] sports Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR technology, noise cancellation, microphone noise reduction, voice prompts, support for multiple devices, and lowered power consumption that provides 180-hours of standby.

Earloomz combines advanced Bluetooth technology with superior comfort, functionality, and pop culture images and artwork. Best of all, each earpiece operates without bulky buttons or additional external pieces, allowing easy accessibility and is light weight for the ear.

I was shipped a “Gaga” unit, and I must say, it didn’t strike me as a marvel of technology at first glance.  In fact, I was assuming that the price tag held with it a gimmicky design, and nothing else.  But I was surprised to see, and hear, that the GL500 holds its weight among the most advanced Bluetooth earpieces around.

Sound clarity was really good, and the fit was better than most.  Pairing was a cinch, and people on my receiving end reported little to no background noise from my call.

I love the voice prompts that allow you to perform specific functions, and the standby duration was longer than any Bluetooth earpiece I’ve tested. I also love the fact that the 2.1+ EDR technology is compatible with nearly every brand of cell phone I could get my hands on.

The biggest selling point with the [amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]GL500[/amazon_link] is its simplicity.  It has a couple of buttons that allow you to do almost everything with the phone.

There is a style to fit everyone’s personality! Earloomz allows Bluetooth users to express their individualism while staying hands-free when in the car and on-the-go. The Earloomz GL500 model retails for $69.99, includes a USB charger and an adjustable ear hook.  To learn more aboutEarloomz, visit www.earloomz.com.  You can also find earloomz custom design earpieces at [amazon_link id=”B004U7WMJQ” target=”_blank” ]Amazon[/amazon_link], Sears.com, Bonton.com, and Sanrio.com


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