The Suntrica SolarStrap

The Suntrica SolarStrap soaks up the suns rays and turns them into power for charging your Apple device

It’s no secret that iPhone require charging more frequently than many more basic models, and those who listen to music for much of their day will probably encounter a similar problem when using the various versions of the iPod. Although you might not notice a huge difference when looking at your electricity bill, this does have a certain impact upon the environment.

This is where the SolarStrap comes in. Using nothing but solar energy, this environmentally friendly device soaks up the suns rays and turns them into power for charging your Apple device. Whether you’ve purchased your iPhone from a network provider, such as AT&T or O2, or you’re using an iPod purchased directly from an Apple store, this charger can certainly be exceptionally useful. Not only will it limit the electricity you use to charge your handset, but it is also a great way to make sure you are less likely to run out of battery whilst on the go.

The SolarStrap is an extremely lightweight charger, of a similar size and weight of a small wallet. This means that you can simply attach it to your bag or clothing, and it will soak up the sun’s solar energy as you go about your daily business. According to the website, one hour of solar charging will provide approximately nineteen minutes of talk time on an iPhone 3G, or eight hours of battery on standby. This is a great gadget for anyone who frequently uses their iPod or iPhone, but keen to limit the environmental damage of electrical charging.