Wowee Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitar review



The new Pro-Series allows you to download any MP3 onto the guitar or choose from hundreds of specially formatted MP3 downloads from the Paper Jamz Pro Download Library

When the Paper Jamz guitar came out, kids and adults rushed to grab this rockin’ phenom product.  It turned a non-talented strummer into a rif expert.

Now, WowWee has created a new version of the paper-thin guitars, the [amazon_link id=”B004P1IQ60″ target=”_blank” ]Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitar[/amazon_link], complete with downloadable content, more power chords, and special functions that bends notes when you shake the neck.

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Cost: $39.99
Where to buy: [amazon_link id=”B004P1IQ6A” target=”_blank” ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

The new guitars are now MP3 compatible.  You can download any MP3 onto the guitar or choose from hundreds of specially formatted MP3 downloads from the Paper Jamz Pro Download Library.  I’m not talking about just songs.  You can also choose sound styles like heavy metal, blues, rock or country.

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They also have a new look, emulating the most progressive of guitar styles.  When you set the guitar in rhythm mode, you get real chords so you can add your own solo,  14 to be exact.  The fret sensors allow you to play power chords.

The built-in accelerometer adds pitch shift when you shake the neck, and the real working whammy bar and real vibrato effects make the Paper Jamz Pro-Series miles ahead of its predecessor.

I really like this product.  The Pro-series takes the original Paper Jamz guitar, and adds real interactive features that turn this sucker into a much more robust, more feature rich music instrument, offering virtually unlimited song options, music styles, chord options and a more overall playing experience.  Adding the ability to use your PC for downloadable content really pushes the envelope with this product.  And it speaks for the future of this line.  Who knows what we’ll see in this product’s third generation.  It’s becoming more and more of not only a real musical instrument, but a teaching tool as well.

The Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitar runs around $40, and you can purchase it through Amazon.  [amazon_link id=”B004P1IQ5Q” target=”_blank” ]Click here[/amazon_link].

Check out the video demo…