Windows 8 is detailed and developers have at it (video)



Windows 8 will be optimized to work simultaneously with a Windows tablet and a PC


Microsoft’s Windows 8 details have just surfaced, along with a developers download of the OS.  The new operating system was explained in a 3-hour keynote speech, detailing the future of where Microsoft is headed with its Windows super brand. Initial reactions of the latest OS by panels have been mixed, according to gadget news.

Microsoft is doing something a little different with Windows 8.   Apple has said that the iPad ushers in the post-PC era, which essentially means things are moving on from the PC.  Microsoft’s concept has a different slant. They believe that the PC and the tablet can be unified together. In other words, your Windows 8 tablet is your PC on the road, and when you’re at home, you tablet data is pushed to your desktop.  Windows 8 will also be optimized for other mobile devices and new gadgets.

Here are some of the enhancements of Windows 8 that we know about…

128 Bit Compatible:  Windows 8 will be a 128 Bit Compatible OS along with 32 Bit and 64 Bit support.

BranchCache: BranchCache is the feature developed in Win 7. When the files are accessed from the internet or any file server they are cached locally so that the next user will be able to access it faster. Major improvement in BranchCache will be seen in Win 8.

Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) service: This is something new we will be seeing in Win 8 servers. This is a replication engine set up for folder synchronization across multiple servers.

Dual Desktop Interface: Windows 8 will have two different UIs, one for 32 Bit and the other for 64 Bit. 64 Bit Windows 8 Desktop UI will be fully 3D and will be requiring 170 MB of dedicated memory.  The 3D Desktop will be dynamic and adapt users habits.

Cloud Backup Using Azure: Windows 8 will be having Online Backup Solutions. They are making it more reliable using cloud computing and Windows Azure.

Improvement in Windows Authentication: The security and the authentication in Win 8 will be improved using Strong 2-factor and modern biometrics authentication. The programming and the testing background will also be polished. Win 8 will be more secure, making it secure using your Smart Cards, Phone, Biometrics and OTP.

Dedup :: New Storage Reduction Feature: This is a storage reduction feature, which will deal with the clusters of the drive and the Cloud of Windows Azure.

Additionally, Windows 8 will focus on Touch Screen support, Battery Identity Management, Biometric Support, faster boot times, and Microsoft will have an app store for its new OS.


Will Windows 8 be successful?  Time and sales figures will tell all.  Suffice it to say, however, that we’ll see Windows 8 give Apple a run for its money, both in the PC and tablet markets.  Windows 8 is expected to be released sometime early next year.

Here is a cliff-notes version of the 3-hour keynote speech, which tells you all of the highlights…