Mac Lovers Play Dress-up


Computer Apparel announces the Original V Neck Sleeve

You’ve seen baby clothes, doll clothes, and even dog clothes. But the latest trend in forward fashion is computer clothes. Yes, computer clothes.

Computer Apparel, has got the fall wardrobe to fit your Mac laptop, iPad, and even your iPhone.

Redefining the phrase “business casual,” Computer Apparel announces the Original V Neck Sleeve, a handcrafted, machine washable, computer sleeve made from high-quality cottons and padding.  Additionally, the Original V Neck Sleeve is equipped with convenient pockets to stow chargers, papers, and even your iPhone.

Not only is the Original V Neck Sleeve sew fashion-forward, but it also adds a level of unexpected security.  Whether stowed snuggly in your suitcase or discretely in your drawer, you can rest easy knowing your computer is safe, in style, and easily mistaken for a folded up v-neck t-shirt.

The Original V Neck Sleeve comes in black, navy, white, gray and red, and comes in the following sizes: “ipad” size ($49.99), 13″ ($59.99), 15″ ($59.99) and 17″ ($69.99).  You can get them here.

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New Computer Apparel has iPads All Dressed Up with Everywhere to Go

V-Neck Computer Sleeves are the Haute Look for the Notebook

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 24, 2011 – Computer Apparel announces the next generation in business casual with their Original V-Neck Sleeves, designed to protect Apple laptops, iPhones, and iPads in style.   This perfectly tailored v-neck tee offers Mac enthusiasts a fashion-forward alternative to the common computer case.  Made from high-quality cottons and ultra-soft padding, the Original V-Neck Sleeve is not only a safe fit for computers and tablets, but it is also a machine washable one.  Equipped with convenient pockets to stow chargers, papers, and even a place for an iPhone, this is one computer sleeve that will never go out of style.

“We wanted to create something that was fun, fashionable, and most importantly, of quality,” says Roger Ein of Computer Apparel.  “The V-Neck Sleeve offers superior protection, convenience, and even security, meaning it is easy to mistake the V-Neck Sleeve for an actual folded up v-neck t-shirt.”

However, the playful Original V-Neck Sleeve is not the only top shelf product to expect from Computer Apparel.  The up-and-coming company is bursting at the seams with new and exciting computer sleeve ideas.

“We have hundreds of ideas for new computer sleeve fashions,” says Ein.  “The Original V-Neck Sleeve is just the beginning.  Imagine an entire wardrobe for your computer; that’s Computer Apparel.”

For now, the off the cuff computer sleeves are just the tech trend to turn heads.  Available in four sizes and five vibrant colors, there is a V-Neck Sleeve suited for every personality.  Whether it is stowed snuggly in a suitcase or discretely in a drawer, Apple owners can rest assured their computers are protected and looking good with the Original V-Neck Sleeve from Computer Apparel.

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