Android Marketplace Launches OnLive Desktop (video)



OnLive Desktop for the iPad launched recently. The service allows users to access a virtual Windows 7 based computer remotely so that spreadsheets and documents can be edited and flash content can be browsed online. This app for connecting to that service is now available for Android devices.

The service allows software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be used on the Android platform. It is free to use although limited by way of 2GB of storage.

There are two paying options available… actually 1 at the moment as the other is coming soon. The first is $4.99/month and gives priority access to the service on what I believe is higher performance machines. The second option which isn’t available yet, will cost $9.99 and will also include 50GB of storage.

OnLive Desktop offers enormous potential in cloud computing, allowing people to carry desktops around with them in their pockets and access them from any range of devices.  Upgrades wouldn’t need to be worried about as the provider would take care of hardware challenges. But, local networking could become an issue unless a whole PC/Server config could be set up in the cloud.

Running Windows 7 on Android or iOS via the cloud may sound like a convoluted, impossible dream, but it’s exactly what OnLive is doing with its new OnLive Desktop App.

Via the app, mobile device owners can gain access to a fully functioning Windows desktop complete with Microsoft Office productivity apps.

OnLive handles this in much the same way as it does its streaming games. Rather than process anything on devices themselves, OnLive’s software shifts the burden to the cloud. And if things go right, the user will never notice the difference.

In all, the move is a bit of a departure from video games, but it may turn out to be a pretty lucrative one for OnLive in the end.

Check out the video….