HEX Code Folio for iPad 3 Review


The boys and girls over at HEX have just come out with a killer case for the iPad 3, the Code Folio.  It’s spattered in smooth genuine leather and has an elastic-band closure attached.  To close and secure, you simply fold the band over the other side of the case to lock in place.  It keeps your valuable tab safe and sound.

Opening the Code Folio up, you’ll find a soft-touch interior mold where you’re iPad is secured.  It will fit either the iPad 2 or the newest iPad.  Additionally, it contains two document pockets, card slots, and a pen holder.  There’s also a built-in hinge that works with the ridges molded into the interior front to turn the Code Folio into a horizontal stand.

Star Rating:
Cost: [amazon_link id=”B007WW893E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]$79.95[/amazon_link]
Where to Buy: [amazon_link id=”B007WW893E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Aside from improving the protection of your iPad, the HEX Code Folio was designed to enhance the iPad’s capabilities as a standalone device.  It is one of the most sophisticated iPad cases we’ve seen, and the protective innards are unmatched for a case of this slim size.   During a brief “drop” test, the iPad remained unharmed, and working with the iPad and the HEX as a horizontal stand produced a very enjoyable experience.

It’s available now in black, British tan, and red for around $79 at [amazon_link id=”B007WW893E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link].

Check out the video and some of the features  below…


  • Fit—The folio’s custom molded soft-touch bed fits both the new iPad and iPad 2 perfectly and securely
  • Going Beyond Protection—While the folio improves protection from accidental bumps and drops, the case is super functional, offering two document pockets, card slots and a pen holder, because yes, sometimes you still need a pen
  • Viewing—The built-in hinge feature and molded stops allow for multiple viewing angles of the screen
  • Sophisticated Finish—The folio is made of high-quality genuine leather and comes in three classic colors: black, British Tan and red
  • Clean Lines—The Code Folio is designed with a clean and slim profile to fit maximum functionality into a minimal size

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