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8G Electronics Aims to Improve the Way We Charge our Electronic Devices


Most of you can identify with the problem of having too many devices that charge over USB, and not enough USB outlets in the house.  In this new era of BlackBerrys, Kindles and iPads, households frequently find themselves very…..very……very short on places to charge all of these devices.  Let’s face it; a typical family these days has not less than 5 mobile devices that require USB charging.  Finding an available charging port has successfully become “family game night” at many a residence.  

Or, an equally common scenario might be traveling with your iPhone, eReader, and laptop, and then realizing that you brought the cables, but not the mini power brick.  Bummer!  Or, you brought the charger, but find that your big bulky chargers are blocking any remaining outlets.  Add on the fact that these chargers chew up electricity even when they’re not being used to charge anything, and you’re quickly coming to grips that we as consumer electronics junkies need a “Fix”…..no not that kind of “fix”……a “FIX”…..a solution.

Enter the USB Sock-IT, by Memphis, Tennessee-based 8G Electronics.  One of 8G’s missions is to bring charging solutions to a wide variety of gadgets with varying voltage requirements, including power-hungry dual-core and quad-core tablets. The USB Sock-IT doubles your charging capacity, accepts many different voltage necessities, and also saves you on your energy bill.  Not a bad combination, eh?

The USB Sock-IT looks like a normal electrical outlet.  The difference, however, is the addition of two USB charging bays.  Additionally, it’s one of the very few products on the market that meets electrical safety specs, and installing the Sock-IT is child’s play. So, not only do you get your standard three-prong power plugs; you also are provided two powered-USB outlets on the sides, making it more useful than many of the DIY solutions out there.

But that’s just the meat-and-potatoes of this device.  The real “gravy” has to do with its built-in “smart” power-saving features. When the doors of the USB chargers are closed, they use no electricity, whatsoever.  So you save on “phantom electricity.”  Also, the outlet has patented circuitry that senses when your battery is fully charged.  At that point, the outlet automatically turns off so you can leave the house while charging and not worry that your device will waste excess electricity.  Thirdly, many CE devices use Lithium batteries.  Lithium doesn’t like heat or overcharging, and it doesn’t have a memory.  As a result, they’ll stop working with excessive heat or overcharging.  With the Sock-IT, you’ll save money by ensuring your batteries are charged safely and properly.

I have one in my office, and it powers everything from my mp3 player to my 4G tablet.  Once the chargers turn off, the only way to charge again is to remove the USB plug and then plug it back in.  This is an additional built-in power-saving safeguard.  And as I mentioned, installing is a piece of cake.  Turn off the circuit breaker to the existing outlet, unscrew and remove the wall plate, pull out the socket, unscrew the two white and two black wires and ground wires.  Then connect your new USB Sock-IT back the exact same way.

8G Electronics says this device is great for homes, but they’ve received a lot of interest from hotel chains, conference centers, airports, and more to begin rolling out the USB Sock-IT so that travelers, businesspeople, and conference-goers have a way to charge their USB devices just by carrying around a simple cable.

Electronic devices are a large part of an electricity bill.  The Department of Energy survey shows that 57-million households have 1-3 electronic devices; 38-million have 4-8 devices and 7.9-million households have 9 or more USB charging devices.  And that’s just residential homes.  That doesn’t include the commercial business sector.

Smartphones comprise about 20% of the cell phone market today…experts estimate 60% in the next three years.  The good news is now you won’t have to hunt for a particular type of plug.  In 2009, most of the cell phone manufacturers agreed on a standard charging solution, USB to Micro USB.  Apple has their own plug design, but yet they still have a USB connection.  So with one single type of charging pin and the USB Sock-IT, you’re able to charge your devices anywhere you normally charge- the kitchen, home office, family room, bedrooms, etc.  8G also makes a USB Extension Cord that allows you to extend the short Apple cord or any other length-limited USB cord for more flexibility and reach.

The USB Sock-IT, (which will include a 3-foot extension cord), will be available nationwide very soon for around $24.99.  And for that price, stock up on these bad boys and enjoy the savings and convenience of this new modern convenience. 8G Electronics aims to be the “go-to” brand for everything USB Charging-related. Look for a lot more products from these guys in the near future. For more information, visit www.8gelectronics.com


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