Sony HMZ-T2 Head-Mounted Display (videos)



Sony announced its first head-mounted 3D visor last fall, and announced the HMZ-T2 followup recently at IFA 2012.  Now in Japan it has revealed few more details about the changes it’s made this time around as well as a release date and pricing. Scheduled to hit shelves on October 13th, the HMZ-T2 features all the upgrades, which were rumored– lighter total weight, redesigned head strap for improved comfort, ear buds instead of headphones plus 24p cinema support and a “Clear” panel drive mode for fast moving content.

While we still don’t have a US price the Japanese figure is 70,000 yen ($894), a 10,000 yen ($127) boost over last year’s model which cost $799 in the US.

Check out the videos…