The Road Trip! 5 Items You Can’t Do Without


Driving to your holiday destination or embarking on a road trip has the advantage of being able to take a whole range of gear with you. From surfboard, kite-surfing, golfing or extra games and toys for the children – your boot accommodates packing everything for hobby, outdoors and entertainment. So does extra storage on your roof or trailer.

Yet, getting the basics right is crucial to making the actual driving enjoyable. Having to stop more often for getting things out of your boot, or worse, realising you’ve forgotten essentials at home will deflate travel spirits quickly.

Keeping this list of five essentials in mind while packing for your trip will guarantee you a great time on the road:

Water and Snacks

Don’t leave the house thinking you’ll be able to pick up snacks and water at the next service station. For starters, basic food and water supplies are a lot more expensive if you don’t buy them at conventional supermarkets. More importantly, if for some reason you don’t make it to the service station because you choose a different route or have a breakdown, having water and a bit to eat is absolutely crucial. So, pack it before you leave. Top up your water whenever you can too.


Speaking of breaking down, the possibility of that happening is much more likely when taking lengthy road trips. Before you go check with your insurance company so you know exactly what is covered in case of an accident or break down. One insurance company even offers an online “Insurance Comparitron” that automatically compares coverage options.


A spilled drink or sticky fingers can happen to anyone, not just children. Tissues come in easy-to-handle travel packs, either dry or wet. Having one pack of each will come in handy in countless situations like at public restrooms which have run out of toilet paper or tissues.


Instead of tucking your towels at the bottom of your luggage, keep one or two in the passenger compartment. If you need a cushion for you back or an emergency blanket for your kids it’s annoying to try and find one somewhere deep down in your boot. Towels are also great for covering your steering wheel when stopping at a sunny service station, which keeps it nice and cool so you don’t burn your hands when you get back in the car.

Camera and Entertainment

Keeping the children happy in the backseat is pretty self-explanatory. Pack their favourite toy, stuffed creature or games you know have entertained them in the past.  Make sure their entertainment won’t be too distracting for the driver though. If you don’t have any children you still might like to pack some of your favourite driving music and keep the camera near you.

Car Charger for Phone, Music Device and GPS

You absolutely need all of your chargers in the passenger compartment. There is nothing more annoying than having to find chargers for your mobile when you need to make an urgent phone call and your battery is low. The same goes for any device you’re using like GPS or music. The worst is to realise you haven’t even packed the right cable.