Windows 8 struggling to take off


Unlike the previous edition of Windows, it seems that Windows 8 is failing to make a big jump forward. According to the data acquired from various web surveys, Windows 8 is struggling to take off. A survey carried out by internet users from Britain revealed that only less than 40% seem to be keen to upgrade to Windows 8. In this respect, Windows 8 lags behind its predecessor Windows 7.  An online survey by Toluna QuickSurveys shows that 28 % of UK-based adult users are in favor of Windows 7 while only 14% of the responses like the latest edition of Windows, Windows 8.

The survey results clearly concluded that initial consumer reactions showed that Microsoft has failed to capture the interest of many potential tablet buyers: the proportion of respondents planning to buy a tablet running Windows 8 is on par with other systems including Apple iOS and Android (13%, 13% and 14% respectively). The tablet-specific Windows RT received only 2% of the votes and was voted the least favorite Windows operating system all round.

It is suggested that the reason underlying the low interest in Windows 8 is the success of Windows 7 in meeting expectations of existing customers who might have upgraded to Windows 7 from XP or Vista. This high level of satisfaction provided by Windows 7 overshadowed the new comer, Windows 8.