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    Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, available at Verizon

    Fitbit Aria

    The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale ($129.95) measures your weight and body fat, and syncs the stats to your Fitbit Web account, where you can also log and monitor your physical fitness activities, food intake, and even your sleep quality. When coupled with the activity-tracking Fitbit Ultra, the Fitbit Aria gives you even more info on how to monitor your health.

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    Available in black or white, the Aria has a sleek low profile design and beautiful curves. Tempered glass used for the top surface makes wiping off footprints a breeze, and it’s very durable. The Aria is powered by four AA batteries, and it measures 1.3 by 12.3. by 12.3 inches and weighs a little over 4-pounds. The body weight limit for the scale is 350 pounds. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale works in conjunction with the Fitbit website, and accounts are free. With the site, you can see changes in your weight or body fat over time.

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    When you first set up the Aria, you need to enter in a little information about yourself including gender, age, height, initials—and anyone else using the scale, up to eight people total. It also needs help finding your Wi-Fi router so that it can sync information to your account. The large display on the scale, in tandem with a short reference page, walks you through these steps in a snap.


    You need bare feet to use the scale. When you step on, the display will say, “Step on,” as it wakes up. Hold still for a few seconds, as it proceeds to take your measurements. The Aria calculates weight, and also sends a small and harmless electrical pulse through your feet to calculate fat and lean mass.

    When you’ve seen all your numbers, the Aria will display a syncing icon to show it’s connecting to Wi-Fi and uploading your stats. If you move the scale out of Wi-Fi range or if your router is turned off when you weigh yourself, the Aria will still sync your stats to the Fitbit website the next time it makes contact.

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    The Aria allows you to see your weight and lean/fat mass over time via the Fitbit website, where abnormalities will stand out in graphs and other reports.

    Bottom Line

    The Fitbit Aria Smart Wi-Fi Scale gives you a ton of information that can help you lose weight and keep fit.  It’s display is simple, yet informative, and the entire design is gorgeous.  The companion website integration is a serious plus, allowing you to monitor all aspects of your body.

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