ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor wakes you up gradually

Since sleep issues have begun to plague many people in the last decade – either due to poor sleep quality, insomnia, stress, etc, – it’s not a wonder that the product category has gained some attention with alarm clock manufacturers as well as startup companies trying to make the perfect alarm clock. The mission: to design an alarm clock that doesn’t scare the hell out of you when it goes off. Rather, people look for an alarm device that wakes them up gradually and civilly.  Unfortunately, most design attempts have been cumbersome, complicated and require you to wear some sort of sensor to bed, whether it’s a special pad, a necklace or a smart wristband. Kind of a pain, and honestly, who wants to mess with all of that.


The new ResMed S+ sleep sensor is the solution to the problem. The device is a non-contact device that sits by your bedside and watches you sleep, gathering information without any danger of rolling over onto uncomfortable devices.

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor monitors environment

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor Gauges You and Your Environment

This sensor can gauge your breathing and body movement throughout the night to monitor how restless you are. It can also track environmental effects, such as noise levels, room temperature and the presence of light in the room.

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ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor App

With the help of an accompanying smartphone app, the ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor can then give you some personalized tips on your sleeping habits. Tell it how old you are and it will compare you to averages and give you advice on how to sleep better. If something unusual happens, like less REM sleep or a lot of unexpected noise, the sleep sensor will let you know and offer you a few tips on how to handle these interferences.

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor has accompanying app


The ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor can also play soothing music, help you create a reminder list, and wake you up with a variety of alarm schedules. The ResMed S Plus Sleep Sensor runs around $150.

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