Eero Multi-Spot Wi-Fi

Eero is a multi-router system

Perhaps the biggest home network complaint people have when using their PC at home is usually some router issue. 9 times out of 10, the router is the culprit for your dropped internet access, and resetting it for some has become a daily ritual. Additionally, that same router is probably also the cause for videos constantly buffering, and internet pages taking minutes, not seconds, to load.

No MORE!  Introducing Eero, which will get rid of all things router- unfriendly. Eero is a fast, reliable WiFi solution that blankets your home in coverage using your existing cable or DSL modem.

Eero works with your smartphone

Eero Works

Here’s how it works. After the very easy setup, Eero utilizes the abilities of your smartphone to setup a new network, monitor your network, and grant others quick and easy access to your network. In fact, all you have to do to invite someone to use your network is send them an invite via a text message. The system will detect its own problems and fix them on its own, eliminating the necessity to restart your router or modem every few days.


Eero Software

The software within Eero automatically optimizes connections to all of your devices, so you always get the best possible speed. Eero creates a commercial-grade blanketing mesh network by using a few Eero units around your house, so you’re able to go through multiple hops with minimal signal loss. It’s similar to a signal booster, but now you have multiple boosters around your house where the signal can tap into.

Eero is a network not a router

Eero is currently available for pre-order for $299 for a 3-pack, which covers an average size home. For larger houses, every Eero you add afterwards will require an additional $125. While that may seem high, you’ll thank Eero later for creating a killer and fast network that is super reliable and will rarely drop a connection, all for just under $300.