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    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug

    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug is thermos too

    An incredible addition to your personal collection of stylish novelties, the connected and heated travel mug from the house of Ember aims to make your life easy on the go. The coffee giant Starbucks was offering the dainty travel mug with their holiday spice latte, and now the device is in full mainstream sales cycle around the country.

    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug allows you to set desired temperature

    Ember Coolness Factor

    The Ember mug is your perfect coffee buddy on the go. Given the fact that it can easily fit into your bicycle’s bottle cage or the cup holder in your car, the Ember mug is extremely travel friendly and convenient to carry for long distances. However the most intriguing property of this mug is that unlike your regular insulated mugs, the former not just keeps your drink warm but does so at a temperature that your want your caffeine to stored and delivered. While it might not sound that appealing of a prospect as of now, once you get into the habit of drinking piping hot beverages from your Ember mug, you’ll never be able to do without it by your side again.

     Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug stores cold beverages as well

    Design and Operation

    The Ember Mug comes fitted with a soft touch covering that not only prevents undue slips by providing a strong grip, but also makes it easier for you to handle your hot beverages. The mug is powered by an impressive battery that you can recharge via a wireless charging dock provided by the company. All you need to do is sync your mug to the Ember app installed on your Smartphone, and provide the Ember a name of your choice. Once you have poured the beverage into your travel mug, you can select a temperature from the Ember app.

    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug heats up to 140 degrees

    While you can choose from a variety of preset temperature options such as 132 degree Fahrenheit for tea, 130 for coffee and so on provided on the app, you can also customize the temperature as per your preference. The progress of the heating can be monitored through the app or by tapping on the mug’s logo. Your app will sound a beep to notify you when the set temperature has been reached.

    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug takes an hour to charge

    Your mug can function adequately for a maximum of two hours after a full hour charge, however, this charge-time may vary depending upon the type of beverage and frequency of use. The unique design of its lid sets it a class apart from the temperature controlled travel mugs. Unlike the typical insulated travel mugs that carry a spout that can be either slid open or tapped with a button, the Ember travel mug enables you to drink from any angle without causing any spillage thanks to a lid that goes down entirely when clicked. The exclusive lid design is also highly effective in providing greater efficiency of insulation for the beverage that is stored inside.


    On the inside, the Ember mug features a line around the edge of its stainless steel cylinder that offers you a measure of the amount of fluid your mug can hold without causing it to spill. While the mug functions exceedingly well in keeping your favorite drinks hot for a long time, it never really becomes too hot to touch, even when it holds boiling contents inside. Despite its extra long lasting insulation and heating technology components, the Ember mug allows you to carry around 12 ounces of your favorite cold beverages while you are traveling as well.

    Ember Connected & Heated Travel Mug has great design

    Should you buy it?

    While the price tag of $150 marked on a simple coffee mug might be met with several raised eyebrows, you cannot ignore the incredible properties of the Ember Travel Mug. Given the fact that the Starbucks official website displays a sold out status for the Ember mug and the millions of positive reviews that this fascinating product has managed to generate, there is more reason for you to give it a try. With elegant design elements, and high-tech features, the Ember is suited for the fussiest and chicest of beverage snobs. You can purchase the Ember here.

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