Aumeo Audio Device


Aumeo Audio Device is tiny

For all those audiophiles out there who are always on the lookout for solutions of enhancing the sound quality of their existing headphones, your search ends at Aumeo, the prefect portable device to personalize your audio quality and offer you breathtaking sound experience.

 Aumeo Audio Device sounds great

Aumeo Design

The Aumeo audio device comes with a standard 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack cable, a micro-USB to USB-A cable, an instructions manual and a travel pouch for easy handling on the go. At first blush, the Aumeo resembles a small square box measuring around 55mm width x 12mm in thickness. On the center of the top side, there are six tiny LED lights laid out in a circular fashion with the AUMEO AUDIO logo printed just underneath. On the upper right hand corner you would see a volume dial, and at the back of the device there is a hard black colored plastic plate that prevents it from scratching or scraping the surface it is stationed on. The body of the device is made out of aluminum, which lends it its signature strength and premium look.

Aumeo Audio Device works with headphones

Aumeo Operation

One of the major features of the Aumeo Device is that it makes frequency corrections in the sound to suit your hearing sensitivity and basically personalizes it for optimum audio experience. It works for and supports a host of different audio profiles, and offers the ability to create multiple unique audio profiles for your friends, different environments or headphones. Switching between these different profiles is a breeze.

The Aumeo is compatible with all kinds of wired headphones, and thanks to the wireless/wired audio input, aptX support and the built-in headphone amplifier, the Aumeo delivers a truly unique and much improved sound quality. The Aumeo can also serve the purpose of a dongle for connecting your headphones to smartphones such as the Moto Z and iPhone 7, which do not feature a standard headphone jack.

Aumeo Audio Device has an app

How do you use it?

The Aumeo Audio Device can operate by syncing it with the AumeoHub Smartphone app, which is compatible for both iOS and Android platforms. All you need to do is download and install the app on your Smartphone and connect the Aumeo Audio device to it via Bluetooth. You can follow the instructions on the app and set up your audio profile in the AumeoHub Menu. The app will then automatically play a series of eight different frequency sounds for each ear and prompt you to lower the volume of the device until you can barely hear them. Once you have done the same for all the eight frequencies, your audio profile will be created, which you can now name and sync with your Aumeo Audio Device. Your Aumeo is now ready to use.

You can connect your Aumeo to your laptop or Smartphone either via Bluetooth or through the 3.5mm port. The volume dial serves the purpose of toggling between your Audio profiles as well as on or off so you can experience the difference in the quality of sound.

Aumeo Audio Device has a toggle

Does it actually work?

The straight and simple answer is yes. You can easily notice the difference in sound quality when sound passes through the Aemeo. It’s recommended that you keep the other standard equalizer settings or apps on your Smartphone disabled. Even the most premium quality headphones will sound even better when connected with the Aumeo Audio Device.


Regardless of whether you like to gyrate to the thunderous thump of classic hip hop or wish to immerse yourself within the transcendental nuances of psychedelic rock, the music is always deeper and richer with the Aumeo Audio device connected to your headphones. With an impressive battery life, the Aumeo can easily pull off about 10 to 11 hours wired and somewhere around 6.5 to 7.5 hours using the Bluetooth feature. You can also operate your device when it’s charging, so you never miss a beat.

Aumeo Audio Device comes in three colors

Should you buy it?

Priced at an affordable $199, the Aumeo Audio is stylish, rugged and a sure shot winner when it comes to pleasing the discerning audiophiles out there. With some of its unique features such a solid yet sophisticated build quality, great battery life, super easy setup and operation, and the definitive enhancement of your headphones’ audio quality, the Aumeo Audio is an incredible deal in terms of its myriad of impressive features and value for money. So if you wish to level up the way you listen to music, this little beast is worth a shot. The Aumeo Audio device comes in Silver, Gold and Black. You can purchase it here.